Two Year Olds

All About Kids Learning Center keeps kids engaged!

All About Kids Learning Center has a nurturing Two Year Old Program!

All About Kids Learning Center‘s Two-Year-Old Program was created with the knowledge that two is a fun and exhausting age. Two-year-olds are bursting with energy and curiosity, and it takes a special kind of person to keep up with them! That is why we hire the best staff that can nurture two-year-olds’ excitement about the world.


Children of this age are gaining a new sense of independence while still relying on adults to teach them new things and answer their many questions. This age has been marked with the name “terrible twos,” but at All About Kids, we don’t support that logic. We understand that two-year-olds are highly active with an interest in objects and people. These children are undergoing rapid development in many areas, and they require a lot of attention and support. Our staff works to encourage our students’ learning and understanding about the basics of how the world works.

Our Goal

All About Kids’ Two’s Program was designed to support and reinforce the growing independence of two-year-olds. All About Kids Learning Center strives to provide our students with structure and guidance throughout their day. We utilize scheduling and group activities as well as one-on-one time with every student. All About Kids’ Two Year Old Program keeps your little one engaged! The goal is to help children learn to share, get along with others, and perform tasks that require a longer attention span. We also exemplify Christian values to create a wholesome and loving atmosphere for students to learn and grow.

What We Do

Students in our Two’s Program participate in various activities built to encourage learning and growing. In this program, your two-year-old will be:

Singing songs

Listening to stories

Playing games

Creating art projects

These activities nurture students’ creativity and imagination while they are learning. This program helps children develop language and vocabulary skills as well as movement and sensory motor skills. All of the educational and social skills taught will be necessary to prepare children for our Pre-School Program.
At All About Kids Learning Center, we view two-year-olds’ energy and readiness to learn as an invitation to offer knowledge as well as love and understanding.

2 Year Olds Program

2 years

Monday - Friday

5:30am - 6:30pm

Contact Us for a tour of our 2 year old rooms at our 2 convenient locations today! You and your toddler will be so glad you did! Developing the whole child, while exploring the whole world.