K-4 Program

Our Preschool Program prepars your child for school!

In the All About Kids Learning Center Pre-K Program, our number one priority is ensuring that your child has the skills to excel in Kindergarten and beyond. We understand that the attitude that children develop about learning will likely follow them through their entire academic career. We strive to keep children interested, engaged, and enchanted by learning.


We follow the A Beka curriculum, which is a Christian-based program with an emphasis on helping students build a foundation for reading. At All About Kids, we know that when students learn to read in a fun and supportive environment, they develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime. All About Kids Learning Center teachers also incorporate math and science into daily playtime. Our students’ days are packed with learning exercises as well as dramatic play, creative arts, music, and exploration

The Learning Environment

The All About Kids Learning Center Pre-school classroom is designed to encourage learning and curiosity in our students. We label shelves with words and pictures, displays of children’s names, letters, sight words, numbers, and more. To maintain an unbiased and inclusive environment where every student feels at home, we also display items labeled in foreign languages and diverse pictures of people and families. Our teachers guide and encourage children as they develop the skills that will serve as a foundation for their later success. Each of our teachers pays special attention to students’ progress and makes notes to share with parents. At All About Kids Learning Center, we encourage parent questions and participation, and we hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year.

program features

In our Pre-school Program, you can expect your child to:

–Understand and recognize the difference between long and short vowels

–Understand consonants

–Be able to sound-out blends of vowels and consonants

–Read sentences and stories with one or two vowel words

–Learn to shape upper and lower case letters

–Count to 100

–Participate in simple addition exercises

With All About Kids’ Pre-school Program, you can rest assured that your child is receiving all of the skills, love, and support needed to excel in school for years to come.

Pre-K Program (K-4)

4 years

Monday - Friday

5:30am - 6:30pm

Contact Us for a tour of our K-3 rooms at our 2 convenient locations today! You and your toddler will be so glad you did! Developing the whole child, while exploring the whole world.