babies love to smile!

What babies learn early in their early stages is critical to their future success in school, relationships, and life.

Our Infant Program is structured around the individual needs of the infants. At All About Kids Learning Center, we understand that an infant’s first year of life is a special time filled with discovery and enormous growth. We view every infant as a unique individual and offer them the nurturing support needed to encourage learning and curiosity.


Because every baby eats, sleeps, and plays differently, we do not enforce a center schedule. We cater to the individual needs of our infants and their families by using separate schedules for each infant. Each of our students has his or her own schedule posted on the wall that parents may regularly update to ensure they are comfortable with the pace of their infant’s day.


The infants program is designed to encourage healthy development during the first year of life. We work with individual students’ eating, sleeping and playing habits to introduce daily activities that prepare the infant for life. Our highly trained staff offers a creative and loving environment where students can develop their bodies and minds.

We teach baby sign language in the infants program to encourage the early stages of communication. (Imagine how nice it would be to understand what your baby needs–before you both get a little cranky!) We also help encourage babies to meet their first milestones and keep parents updated on their baby’s progress.


Our infants enjoy cuddles, food and love!

All About Kids Learning Center is the ideal facility for infants’ first time away from home because we possess the loving qualities that parents desire for their young. We are a Christian facility, and we sincerely love every child of God and teach God’s love.

We are more than just a day care; we are a home away from home for fragile infants in need of comfort and tenderness. While no one can replicate the pure love of a parent, we offer babies a close second and know that parents should expect nothing less.

We understand it is difficult for infants to be separated from their parents, and we value parent involvement and communication. At All About Kids, we are committed to making the first transition away from home easy and natural for our students and their families.

Infant Program

0 - 15 Months

Monday - Friday

5:30am - 6:30pm

Contact Us for a tour of our Infants rooms at our 2 convenient locations today! You and your infant will be so glad you did! Developing the whole child, while exploring the whole world.