Our Toddler Program is focused on Sensory Exploration!

In the toddler program at All About Kids Learning Center.

We focus on nurturing toddlers’ growing independence. Each of our students receives individualized care because at this age, no two toddlers are the same. We understand that every child learns and grows differently, and we are prepared to care for toddlers in various stages of development.

Toddler Development

Your toddler is finding new ways to assert his or her independence every day, and because of this, he or she is constantly growing and changing. While some toddlers may have just started walking, others may already be running around and exploring the world. Every toddler grows differently and requires love and support for proper development. At All About Kids Learning Center, located in beautiful Weatherford Texas, our toddlers are learning to practice the value of sharing and cooperating through group play.

All About Kids’ Toddler Program helps your child develop confidence!

We know that toddlers learn through sensory experiences. All About Kids Learning Center engages our students in activities that enhance their cognitive, language, motor, and social skills. We also understand that children of this age may start to form friendships and gain confidence as they use words and thoughts to interact with others. We involve our students in group play time so that they may learn the value of sharing and cooperation.

Program Features

–Daily whole group instruction to promote social skill development

–A unique balance of nurturing, play, and learning throughout the day

–Thematic units that provide a variety of daily activities and experiences

–Development of confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning

–Focus on dramatic play, creative arts, language, and sensory exploration

–Communication from staff so that parents are informed of their child’s daily progress

At All About Kids Learning Center; we encourage parents to learn more about the quality of care and education that we bring to our programs.

Toddler Program

15 months -2 years

Monday - Friday

5:30am - 6:30pm

Contact Us for a tour of our Toddlers rooms at our 2 convenient locations today! You and your toddler will be so glad you did! Developing the whole child, while exploring the whole world.